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Lash Extensions


Please read before you book an appointment!


  • Please arrive at the time of your appointment. Please do not be late or early. After 10 minutes you are considered late and a $10 fee will be added to your session.

  • Please remove all makeup and eye makeup before the start of each session. Lashes should be thoroughly cleansed and cleaned PRIOR to your appointment.

  • Lash extensions CANNOT be applied to anyone that is allergic to any type of adhesive. The technician is not liable for any allergic reactions.

  • You will be laying down for 1+ hours so please wear something comfortable. Feel free to bring your own blanket and pillow. 

  • No visitors or children are allowed to accompany clients to their appointment. 

  • I will be taking before and after pictures.


  • PAYMENT is due at the appointment. 


    Please plan accordingly.


    All deposits will go towards your session.

  • There is a time limit to reschedule your appointment. In order to keep your deposit you will have 1-2 day(s) to reschedule your appointment once you notify me to reschedule. Otherwise, you will have to rebook with a new deposit. 

  • After 10 minutes you are considered late and a $10 fee will be added to your session.

  • Foreign Fills will be an additional $30 added to your service and can only be booked as a 3 week fill or Full Set. It will not apply to the 1-2 week fills. Please let me know in advance. 

  • Please silence your phones during your service.​

  • BEFORE/AFTER HOUR APPOINTMENTS: When you need a session outside of normal business hours, whether it's for the holidays or an emergency. $60 will be added onto your session. Please text or email for availability and to book an appointment.

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Please read before you book an appointment!

I understand the importance of disclosing my health history and have not withheld any conditions.

I understand that synthetic eyelash extensions will be adhered to my natural eyelashes during this service.

I understand that my technician can only apply extensions that are safe for your natural lashes to prevent damage.

I understand that I am required to lie still with my eyes closed for an extended period of time and that opening my eyes prematurely can expose them to fumes which may irritate or cause a reaction.

I understand the risks that may be associated with this service which include redness, irritation, allergic reaction and possible blindness.

I understand that my natural lashes will grow and fall out and that fill appointments are required every 2-4 weeks to maintain the eyelash extensions.

I understand that should an allergic reaction occur, a refund will not be issued but I can request a free removal of the eyelash extensions.

I understand that proper aftercare must be followed to keep my extensions clean and healthy. An aftercare card will be provided if requested.

I understand and agree that I release the technician from any expenses, liabilities and damages that may come from this or any future procedures or purchases.

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Covid-19 Liability Release Form

Please read before you book an appointment!

I agree to have my temperature taken upon arrival to my appointment if asked to do so and to reschedule my appointment if my temperature exceeds the normal range of 36.1-37.2°C.

I understand the symptoms of COVID-19 as stated below and affirm that I, as well as members of my household, do not currently have, nor have experienced these symptoms within the last 14 days.

I affirm that I, as well as members of my household, have not travelled outside of United States in the last 30 days.

I agree to wear a protective mask for the duration of my appointment if asked to do so.

I understand my technician will not be liable for any exposure to COVID-19 during my visit.

I affirm that this procedure is elective and in no way medically necessary and I chose to be here on my own free will.

I release my lash technician from any and all liability for the unintentional exposure to COVID-19.

Your technician agrees to abide by these same standards.

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